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No matter our role we live the standard we set

Quality you can trust.

Driven by a desire to meet our customer needs and quality expectations, we established our first Laboratory in 2016. The primary purpose of the laboratory is to test and issue test certificates that comply with AS/NZS 4671 Standard, steel for the reinforcement of concrete.
The laboratory is dedicated to the quality control of products and the manufacturing processes across the Euro Corporation group.
Our Auckland laboratory received accreditation in January 2021 and Christchurch laboratory in November 2022, when they were certified by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) and achieved NZS ISO/IEC 17025:2018 quality management system (QMS) compliance. Our Laboratories use state of the art universal testing machine (UTM) from Shimadzhu, equipped with the latest Trapezium software.

Having independent and dedicated laboratories helps Euro Corporation to tightly manage the quality of our products and meet AS/NZS 4671 Standard requirements . By monitoring key characteristics, providing feedback to suppliers, having processes in place to control the testing of products at various stages of manufacturing and finally testing finished products we are able to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our laboratories are located in Auckland and Christchurch which allows a rapid turnaround of product testing across the country.

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Euro Corporation has IANZ Accreditation

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IANZ accreditation provides independent, third-party recognition of the technical and scientific competence of professional organisations, such as testing and calibration laboratories, radiology services, and inspection bodies, and is globally recognised.


We have been accredited by IANZ – this means you can be assured we are competent at what we do.


IANZ accreditation is independent and globally recognised. IANZ accredited organisations undergo rigorous and regular assessment of all areas of their accredited technical operations, ensuring test and examination results and inspection reports are reliable.


Gaining accreditation by IANZ means organisations like us and customers like you have an independent assurance of:

  • Competent, experienced staff

  • Properly calibrated equipment

  • Validated testing methods

  • Internal and external quality control checks

  • Effective systems and procedures

Product certificates and LTQ data is available by request. 

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