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Our people look out for each other

Home safe every day

Safety and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. This means keeping our people safe as well as supporting their overall mental health. Our strategic focus areas include shifting mindsets, developing leaders, enabling the frontline, managing our critical risk and driving accountability.


We are committed to having the equipment, systems and resources in place to make Euro Corporation a safe and healthy workplace.

Many of our worksites are hazardous environments where a high level of industry safety performance is required and demanded by us. Our culture of expecting the highest safety standards starts from the top, with our Senior leaders participating in regular safety walks.

We are constantly mindful of the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and those people we work and interact with and we believe people work their best when their individual health and wellbeing is supported. We aim to provide a happy and healthy work environment and are proud to partner with Mates in Construction alongside our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) service.

Rules to Live By

In 2019, after wide consultation within the business, Euro Corporation released eight non negotiable rules to ensure the safety of our people. As the wider business was consulted the feedback received was clear.

The rules need to be:

  • Simple and easy to follow,

  • Limited to no more than ten,

  • Linked to critical risks (the big things that can hurt us badly), and,

  • So important that following them is likely to prevent life-threatening injuries.

The name, Rules to Live By:

  • Makes it clear that following these rules could actually save your life

  • Links with our overarching health and safety goal - ‘Safer People, Safer Work Environment, Safer Ways of Working

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